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Upcoming Meeting

chapter meeting

Join us for our 1st chapter meeting of 2019
 March 19, 2019 at

5:30 PM CST - 8:00 PM CST
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Kitchen & Bath Concepts        
7026 Old Katy Rd #148 
Houston, TX 77024
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Please Register HERE to Attend!


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Chapter Updates

   A Message from Your Chapter President... 

Sink or Swim?  Surviving or Succeeding?
As a Business Owner

I am sure you have heard the buzz words... "finding your niche".  Well, if you’re looking to start and grow a successful business, finding your niche is key - or should I say MANDATORY!

Finding your niche in life and/or business is not too complicated; but it does take some work. Just think about what it is you really love doing, then decide how to channel that love towards making your life a better and happier one.

The idea of taking that love and narrowing it down to one or two specialty areas may also a good idea.  So many times we spread ourselves too thin and get nowhere. We think that we need to offer a huge variety of products/services as to not miss a sale.  This could cause some real issues, and possibly lead to failure.  Think about what value you want to provide to clients with your product or service.  Determine who your target audience or perfect client will be.

This month's article is just a nudge to get you thinking about if you want to become a business owner or an employee.  Either is OK; you just have to decide.  There is a ton of info online concerning this topic.  Below are just a few resources.  Just do the work and research.  

Resources on Being a Successful Business Owner...
5 Steps You Can Use to Find Your Niche... by Thomas Smale
Website:  Motivation -- Entrepreneur on Fire
Helpful Source:  Kate Erickson, Content Creator and Community Manager for EntrepreneurOnFire. Ready to connect?
Facebook:  Entrepreneur On Fire  

And on an organizational note... Please sign up to get involved in your TGCC-NKBA.  There are many ways of getting involved and many rewards in serving!  Find your TGCC-NKBA niche today!

“Live your best, happiest life yet, this year!”
Hope to see you soon!

Keep in touch!  Visit our TGCC Website and TGCC Facebook page to stay updated on local events and happenings.                             

Contact your chapter officers to inquire about helping on a committee!  You can choose a short-term or long-term time investments.  
Love party planning?   Consider the Programs Committee!
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Wiz with Keeping Books?   Sign up to work with our Tresurer

There are many roles -- it's fun -- get involved!


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News from Our National Office

Let's show the world that Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast area have the ability to win design contests!  This year, we are encouraging you to get in the game.  There is much to gain including some nice monetary awards.

The NKBA’s annual design competition opens an exclusive platform for member designers, as well as builders & remodelers to showcase their expertise in kitchen and bath design and benefit from nationwide industry and media recognition.  So, get ready to rumble and get those projects submitted to national for the 2020 NKBA Design Contest & Awards.

Project Submissions for next year's winners will run from April - July 2019.  You will receive emails from the NKBA when the submission process begins.

It's not too early to begin getting organized to enter new NKBA design contests.

See details of the entry process from this year's contest.  2019 Contest.

Presentations at KBIS 2019 - Details for Submissions

Free Webinar Series
The NKBA Free Webinar Series continues in 2019 with all new presenters and monthly topics!  Begin the new year with some fresh ideas about running your business with presentations from top industry professionals with expertise in Sales and Marketing.  Other monthly topics will include: Smart Home Technology, Outdoor Living Spaces, Lighting, Living In Place, Design Software and more.  Check out the schedule and register today at

Professional Development @ KBIS

New Specialty Badge Program
The NKBA is excited to launch the first five specialty badges during KBIS 2019 -- which include:

     Living in Place 
     Floor Plans & Specifications 
     Sales & Marketing

The Specialty Badge Program is a new micro-credential program affording all individual NKBA members the opportunity to acquire focused knowledge in a given domain.  The program is a complement to our reputable certification programs, is a type of personalized learning, as well as an educational stepping stone.  One of the best features of this program is that all the content material has been developed, endorsed, and will continuously be updated by recognized and respected subject matter experts within our association. The end goal is the ability to communicate knowledge in a single competency within the kitchen and bath industry.  Once the participant successfully completes the necessary requirements, they will receive a digital badge of achievement, which they can use as a marketing tool.

This program demonstrates the NKBA’s dedication and commitment toward expanding both the professional knowledge base for its members and our presence within the industry.  The three presentation sessions during KBIS are sold out.  More information to come after KBIS. 

Newly Certified NKBA Members

NKBA Certifications are globally recognized professional  appellations created to instill deeper trust with your clients.
The NKBA would like to recognize and congratulate the following members who recently earned their certifications:

Marlene Buckner, CMKBD, Columbia River
Andrew Risinger, CKBD, Texas North Plains
Danielle Holdt, CKBD, Northern California
Melissa Haas, CKBD, Carolina
Shahid Sardar, AKBD, Texas North Plains
Craig Pepper, AKBD, Texas South Plains
Deb Ferguson, AKBD, Big Sky
Andrea Shoop, AKBD, Chicago Mid West
Angie Mills, AKBD, Big Sky
Maria Soraya Creese, AKBD, Pittsburgh Tri State
Catherine Sullivan, AKBD, Northern New England
Maureen Dyson, AKBD, British Columbia
Nicole Pounders, AKBD, Central Florida


NKBA Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is an online subscription-based version of the NKBA Professional Resource Library. Visit: to learn more.

Website Profiles
Complete your profile on the NKBA website today!  
for a brief tutorial on creating a profile.

Note:  Company and individual profiles are separate.  Don’t forget to complete both profiles to maximize your web presence.


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Student News

TGCC-NKBA 2019 Student Design Contest (Local)

Our Texas Gulf Coast Chapter (TGCC) of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is looking for students to participate in our 2019 Student Design Competition.

Every year we hold a local student design contest for the kitchen or bath project listed on the NKBA website. This year TGCC's student design contest will be judged based on the national NKBA "Kitchen Guidelines".
The contest is judged on the guidelines of our national student design contests (see info link below).  

     For TGCC Local Contest:  Please submit all information to our local chapter only.  Disregard national deadlines and submission addresses.

  • Contest participants must be active student members of TGCC-NKBA.  
  • Eligible designs completed during the 2019 Spring & Fall Semesters will be accepted.
  • Rima Nasr, our Membership Chair, will accept contest entries from your appointed campus instructor by November 29, 2019. (Email:
  • The two top winners of our TGCC design contest will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to be used to attend KBIS 2020, The Leading Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.
  • Please send us the name/contact info of the instructors on your campus who would oversee the design contest so that we may coordinate the submissions and to discuss any additional local guidelines.  

Click Here for Contest National Guidelines:  2019 Kitchen Guidelines

See local contest updates on the
Contest Guidelines: - Students link


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sub Zero, Wolf,  Cove, and Moen, students continue to receive free membership with the NKBA!  Affiliated schools also receive free membership!   Students, remember you must renew your membership each year on your join anniversary date.
To join NKBA:  Student Membership

2018-2019 National Student Design Competition

Deadline for Entries:  May 6, 2019
The competition acknowledges the talent of student kitchen and bath designers. Students are challenged to plan beautiful, safe and functional spaces, incorporating creative design statements and aesthetically pleasing design solutions. NKBA student members may enter the kitchen competition, the bath competition, or both competitions. This year’s fictional build competition named “Sky’s the Limit!” affords students the opportunity to stretch their design wings by completely renovating a large space with a large budget, while incorporating Smart Home Technology into both the kitchen and bath spaces. First place winners win a $5000 scholarship and are flown to KBIS 2020. 
For more information: Student Design Competition


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Membership Matters!

Get involved today. 
We look forward to working with and meeting you.


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Member Spotlight

Jayleen W. Andrews, CKBD
Cabinet Department at Home Depot
18251 Gulf Freeway, Webster TX

Jayleen has spent 27 years with the same company she currently works for.  She enjoys her job, and seeing the final project outcome.

What drew you to the kitchen and bath industry?
"I was drawn into the Kitchen and Bath Industry when I was in college at Cal Poly Pomona, California.  I was always interested in the Interior Design field, but I found my niche in Kitchen Design.

While attending Cal Poly, I was fortunate to meet a well-known Kitchen Designer in the Los Angeles area named Mary Fisher Knott, CKD, CBD.  She came to one of my Interior Design classes and spoke about what she did and showed us some slides of her work.  I was hooked from then on.  Before anyone else in my class knew what direction they wanted to go after school, I had already decided I would become a Kitchen Designer.  After graduating and getting my job in the industry (I started at Home Depot in 1992 as a Kitchen Designer), I ordered the full set of technical manuals from NKBA and starting studying on my own to become a Certified Kitchen Designer.  A few years after passing the Kitchen Exam, I took the Bath Exam (1995)."

What she likes most about her job:
Making a space better than it was before; more efficient, more attractive, more enjoyable.  I don't care if the space is large or small, I want to make it the best environment for the user as possible.  I have always felt that as a Designer I am good at space planning and the execution of an idea.  I am detailed-oriented, methodical, and organized (or try very hard to be).  While some individuals focus on the aesthetics of a space, I am more focused on the function and efficiency of the space.  Both are important, and I strive to bring both into my designs.

What she finds the most challenging:
Being Creative with my ideas and not too predictable.  The designs I have loved the most are the ones that incorporate unique ideas in the plan.  I love to learn from others, looking through trade magazines, or visit Showcase Houses, and Trade Shows, and especially enjoy going to KBIS to see the many creative ideas there.  I want my designs to feature "that something" that makes them unique, because I want my customer to have that one-of-a-kind kitchen or bath when they are done with their project.

Jayleen’s favorite quote:
From Jeremy Camp (Christian Musician) who said in one of his songs: "God is bigger than the times we fail".  What I take from that is there will always be hard days, but you're never alone.  Keep believing that God only wants what’s good for us and we should just keep trying to do the best we can and he will work the rest out for us.

Three words to best describe her:  Honest, Straight-forward, & Helper

What is one thing she can’t live without?
CoffeeI hate to admit I am addicted to something, but that would be it.  Give me two cups in the morning and maybe one after lunch.  I should cut down on coffee (or cut it out all together), but I enjoy it way too much to do that!

What is the most important thing she has learned in the last five years?
The value of creating stronger relationships with my clients.  After Hurricane Harvey, I found myself making more of an emotional connection with my customers.  During the recovery period after the hurricane, we would hear story after story of what customers were going through, and I found myself getting more intimately involved in their lives.  These connections fostered the development of relationships to where they would come to me for their next project or refer someone they knew to me.  It also helps with the relationship during the design process when we connect on certain things; customers who are more at ease are ultimately more willing to spend the money.  


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Calendar of Events

February 19-21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV - Register now!

  • March 19, 2019 - Chapter Meeting - Kitchen & Bath Concepts - 5:30 p.m.
  • May 21, 2019 - Lunch & Learn Chapter Meeting - Cambria - 11:30 a.m.
  • October 4, 2019 - Student Bus Tour
  • Check back with us to see more exciting chapter events coming up as we make plans for 2019.

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NKBA Members Job Postings

TGCC-NKBA posts job opening for our members.  Please contact us to list any job opening you would like to have posted on our website.  For a wider, comprehensive search for K&B job openings, please check out the national jobs postings.  NKBA Job Listings


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